A brief biography

Pope Tawadros was born on Thursday 4 November 1952, the same day as Anba Tawadros’ selection for the patriarchy in 2012. He was born to an ordinary family whose world revolved around the church, service, love of God and the Bible.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree at the Clerical college in Alexandria in 1983.

Pope Tawadros’ perpetual desire was to enter the monastery, but it was delayed by some family and work ties. He didn’t tell any of his relatives that he was going to the monastery. Eventually, he was ordained a monk in 1988. He was then consecrated bishop in June 1997.

After the departure of Pope Shenouda III, a new Pope needed to be appointed. In November. The congregation fasted for 3 days, then a Divine Liturgy was held. The Divine selection came over Anba Tawadros, at age 60. A blindfolded 6 year-old boy picked his name out of the 3 final ones.