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St. Mark’s, London is one of the oldest churches in the lands of the immigration, and one of the first churches supported and cared for by our beloved Patriarch Shenouda III. He wrote the following about the church way back:

“St. Mark Church in London is the mother church of all Coptic Orthodox Churches in United Kingdom. It established the church of Croydon, the church of Stevenage and recently the church of Golders Green. It was the only church in Europe which had three priests together to pastor the congregation.

Later Fr. Antonious Farag of good memory, Fr. Antonious Thabet and Fr. Bishoy Boshra. The last two of whom were the first to pastor the copts in Scotland and Ireland.

I consecrated this church in 1979 in Kensington. But it had a root ten years ago in a hired place. The first three monk priests who served this church became members of the Holy Synod of the mother church in Egypt; ie. Metropolitan Pachomious of Bohaira and Pentapolis, Metropolitan Agathon of Ismailia and Bishop Reweis the general bishop.

St. Mark’s Church was a small seed which grew up “and became a great tree so that the birds of the air came to nest in its branaches” (Matt. 13:32).

Congratulations and best wishes. May God bless this church, its priests, its board of deacons and all the members of its congregation to be more and more, deeper in their spirituality and activities.”

The Late Pope Shenouda III

Our Ministry Leaders

H.E. Bishop Angaelos
H.E. Bishop AngaelosArchbishop of London
Fr. Antonious
Fr. AntoniousParish Priest
Fr. Thomas
Fr. ThomasParish Priest
Fr. Antony
Fr. AntonyParish Priest
Fr. David
Fr. DavidParish Priest