Mustard Seed Meeting

mustard-seed-00Are you aged between 13 and 18 yrs old? Do you have a lot of unanswered questions boggling in your mind? Are you interested in knowing more about our Lord Jesus Christ and our precious Coptic Orthodox Church? Would you like to hear a variety of interesting and intriguing topics about subjects that affect your everyday life; and participate in heated debates on a variety of exciting issues? Are you energetic, enthusiastic about your spiritual, social and professional future?

You came to the right place; This IS the meeting for you. Bring your friends and come try us. We'll shake you, we'll jolt you and we'll blow you away and when you say this is interesting; we'll do it all over again!

If you are over 18 we welcome your participation in our Facebook group with thoughts & ideas or in our meeting with talks & debates - to benefit the youth for the Glory of God.

Facebook Group: The Mustard Seed Friday Meeting

Meeting Time and Place

Friday 8-9:30pm, St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church, Allen Street, Kensington W8 6UX




St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church in London is one of the oldest Coptic churches in the lands of the immigration, and one of the first to be supported and cared for by our beloved patriarch, HH the late Pope Shenouda III.

  • St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church
    Allen Street, Kensington
    London W8 6UX