Miracles of Sts George and Mina

Despite having presented his body as the ultimate sacrifce of faith and love for God many centuries ago and gained the title of the prince of the martyrs and was rewarded with seven heavenily crowns, yet Saint George still labours for the glory of God to this day with us who continue in our struggle on this earth. Please find below a wonderful story which was relayed from a first hand source of a miracle done by St. George and St. Mina.

Glory be to God in his saints.

stgeorgeI saw under the altar the souls of those who were slain for the word of God
and for the testimony which they held...
- Revelation 6:9

A trip set off from one of the many churches in Cairo carrying the blessed name of St. George to take the blessings of St. Mina at his monastery in the desert of Marriot. The coach driver driving the big coach full of families and children happy with laughter and song took the three to four hour drive to the heart of the desert near Alexandria. They talked and chatted and sung the known hymns between them and the children caused the usual havoc they cause on coaches.

Having arrived at the Monastery of St. Mina they attended the Holy Liturgy and then took the blessings of the place and spent the whole day in each of the churches and in the cathedral. At the relics of St. Mina and the relics of Pope Kyrillos they raised praise to God for the life of those saints and gave glory and honour to His saints through the well known commemorative tunes. Many prayed over the relics for their hopes, those who needed to be remembered and so on...

All in all it was a very blessed trip and at the end of the day they left having received a great blessing from this Monastery, it’s saints, and her fatherly monks.

The coach driver drove the usual route back to their home church taking the desert road and as he saw the signs indicating he had now entered Cairo he began to relax knowing that he was nearly home. Suddenly an almighty argument known only to Egyptians erupted in the back of the coach.

The coach driver was forced to stop the coach, and try and sort out what the argument was about. He discovered a husband and wife having a serious row with each other intermingled with tears. Once he had managed to calm them down he discovered that their two children were no where to be found on the coach. The father thought that the two children were with their mother in the front of the coach, and the mother thought the two children were with their father in the back of the coach.

At this the coach driver became very worried and disturbed and his thoughts troubled him, what am I going to do? Are they still in the monastery? What if they left the monastery? Even if they were there, how am I going to get to them? It was a three hour drive there and another three hours back. The sun is now setting and soon it will be dark and how am I going to drive the coach at night on the desert road? Will the people let me or will they want to go to the church for they have work tomorrow? The monastery is big how are we going to find the children when I get there? Oh God please solve this problem... Oh St. George please help... Oh St. Mina...

At this moment on the opposite side of the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria a white car came to a stop opposite the bus, and the driver seemed to be gesturing to the coach driver to come to him... Oh what now? What does he want? And why doesn’t he come over? I better go and see what He wants...

The coach driver stepped out of the coach and miraculously avoided being run over whilst crossing the road. He then spoke to the driver... ‘How can I help you sir?’ The driver of the white car was large, and had sharp yet very handsome features. He had a moustache, and appeared like a person of authority. He did not look at the coach driver directly but smiled... ‘Jump in... we have five children to collect from the monastery’

‘How did you know we were missing children?’... The driver of the white car still did not look at the coach driver but said... ‘Look, do you want to collect the children or not?...’ The coach driver answered without thinking... ‘Of course we want to collect the children.’ He then thought about it... Well at least the car journey would be quicker. It would take him an hour to an hour and half there, and a similar time on the way back. It would be quicker than the coach and the message was relayed back to the coach and the occupants agreed to wait...

He sat in the white car next to the driver, and invited the driver to proceed to the monastery, he recalled looking at his watch, and then the car began to accelerate... and accelerate... and accelerate... to the extent he thought to himself ‘I am going to die’. He was pinned back in his seat and could not open his eyes, the speed seemed incredible yet he could feel every minute.

Suddenly the car seemed to break and he felt like his insides was about to leave his rib cage. He opened his eyes and they were at the gates of St. Mina’s Monastery which was now shut. The coach driver looked at his watch and only twenty minutes had passed... How did we get here so quickly? My watch is definitely working?

He stepped out of the car managed to get his feet to support his weight and he walked towards the gate, and there in front of the shut gates of the monastery stood an elderly monk with five children...

‘Good evening father’... The father monk answered ‘ Good evening my son... Here are the children you seek’... At this point the coach driver was amazed and could not help but ask this fatherly monk, ‘Yes father, but I am only seeking two children?’ At which point the fatherly monk answered him with all simplicity, ‘St Mina said five children’... ‘What do you mean father?’... ‘I was praying in my cell when St. Mina appeared to me and said that there were five children on the loose in his monastery, he told me where they were, I was to gather them together, and wait by the gate until two gentlemen in a white car came to collect them... and here you are...’

On hearing this, the coach driver bowed to kiss the hands of the fatherly monk... but the fatherly monk held him and said, ‘Go my son, you still have a long journey ahead of you...’ The monk turned and headed slowly towards the shut gates of the monastery... A small door opened in the gates to let him in and the coach driver was left with five children, a white car and its very mysterious driver...

He got the children into the car... which fitted all of them comfortably... He decided to warn the driver about his driving though, that was far too fast on the way to the monastery... ‘Driver, please be careful, we have children with us...’ To which the driver responded, ‘I always drive carefully...’ and again the car began to accelerate... and accelerate... and accelerate... Again he was pinned back into his chair, and again he felt he had no option but to shut his eyes from the speed they were travelling. However during the journey he took the courage this time to open his eyes for a split second. All he could see was lines going past, so he decided to shut his eyes again... ‘I am definitely going to die’.

This time the slow down was far less severe than the first time and within moments the white car was parked by the large coach. There seemed to be general amazement from the onlookers in the coach. No wonder, the coach driver looked at his watch and the journey there and back had taken only forty minutes and there was still sufficient light to drive into Cairo safely...

The parents ran out of the coach towards their two children and hugged their children with tears, relieved they had been found. The children looked more relieved that they had not been given a right telling off. The parents went towards the coach with their two children followed by the three children...

The driver of the white car had got out and went to the boot of his car. He retrieved a large tin of chocolates and gave it to the coach driver. For the first time the coach driver got to see him closely face to face. He had such a powerful look, and he smiled at the coach driver and said, ‘Give this to your passengers, a present from St George for having waited so patiently... Go on I insist...’

The coach driver took the large tin of chocolates and turned to the coach. He then thought to himself, ‘This man has laboured much for us and has done us an incredible favour I should pay him something.’ So he took some money from his pocket and turned around to pay the driver of the white car, but neither the white car nor its driver was there. It was as if they had disappeared into thin air... He had heard no sound of the car moving and it could not be seen in the distance.

The coach driver smiled, and began to think within himself, ‘I think I know who you are... thank you... and thanks be to God who is glorified in his saints’.

The coach driver got onto the coach and told the passengers what had happened as well as his suspicions about the driver, and he gave out the tin of chocolates and the passengers started distributing them amongst themselves.

He then looked at the three remaining children and wondered... ‘Well we went out for two we came back with five... I wonder where their parents are? Ah well You started this God so I am sure in your good wisdom You will finish it.’ As he was about to start the coach another scream was heard in the back of the coach...’

‘What now!’ thought the coach driver! His passengers had reached the bottom of the chocolate tin, and in the bottom of the tin, they noticed that a picture of St. George was engraved into the tin, but when they turned it round, to look at the bottom of the tin from the outside, the engraving was somehow not St. George but instead it was St. Mina...

Being truly comforted by this miracle the whole coach began to praise God and a commemoration of St. George and St. Mina commenced in the coach. The coach driver thanked God but his thoughts were still on how they were going to find the parents of the three remaining children.

The sun had finally set and the coach arrived in front of St. George’s church with the occupants in jubilant mood at the great blessing and miracles that happened with them that day. Yet the driver had become more troubled as to what he was going to do with the remaining three children.

As he looked out of the window, he saw a woman who appeared as if she had been crying a life time. He got out of the coach and went up to her asking, ‘Woman why do you weep...?’ She then told him her story. She had been on a coach trip earlier to St. Mina’s monastery from another church carrying the name of St. George and she thought that her children had got on the coach with a relative only to find out that her children were not with them when they arrived back at the church.

She wept bitterly and people tried to comfort her and told her that there was another coach trip there and maybe she would be in luck and that trip picked her children up whilst at the monastery, so she ran to this church in the hope that God would have compassion and asking for the intercessions of St. George for her children to be on the coach.

The coach driver asked her, ‘What time did you ask for St. George’s help?’ She answered him, and the coach driver recalled that it was at that exact moment that the white car with its saintly driver had pulled up on the other side of the road opposite the coach. He then smiled and asked ‘How many children did you loose then..?’ and she answered, ‘Three!’

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