Servants' Spiritual Day at the Hounslow Centre

On 6th October 2012, Sunday School servants from St Mark's met at the Hounslow Centre for a spiritual day. Father Ishak Henein and Deacon Nabil Ramzy from Scotland gave talks on the verse: "And we urge you brethern, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone." (1 Thessalonians 5:14).

Father Ishak talked about the importance of the loving authority needed for those who are disruptive and gave many examples of how the Lord Jesus applied this throughout His ministry. Deacon Nabil emphasised the need for leading by example and prayer. Both talks really complemented each other and lead onto group discussion. The audio recordings and PowerPoint presentations of both talks are available here - well worth it.

Much of the group discussion centred around how to handle disruptive children in Sunday School classes and experiences shared amongst the groups. Everyone enjoyed the day and learnt alot.

This was the first servants meeting that covered all sections of the service and it managed to cater seamlessly and successfully for the both Arabic- and English-speaking Sunday School servants.

St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church in London is one of the oldest Coptic churches in the lands of the immigration, and one of the first to be supported and cared for by our beloved patriarch, HH the late Pope Shenouda III.

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