Today is the 9th of the blessed month of Misra, may God make it always received, year after year, with reassurance and tranquility, while our sins are forgiven by the tender mercies of our God, my fathers and brothers. Amen.

Martyrdom of St. Ari, the Priest of Shatanouf

On this day, St. Ari (Ori), the priest of Shatanouf, was martyred. He was exceedingly merciful, pure in soul and body, to the extent that he was worthy to foretell future things by the Divine Inspiration. When the governor of Nakios, heard about him, he had the Saint brought before him and ordered the Saint to offer incense to the idols. When St. Ari refused, the governor tortured him much, then sent him to Alexandria, where he was also severely tormented with excruciating tortures. Then they cast him in prison, where God wrought many miracles on his hands. His news spread and many came to him from everywhere. When the governor heard this, he ordered him beheaded. Thus he received the crown of martyrdom.
May his prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever. Amen.

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Coptic Lectionary

Waters of the Rivers Season
Annual Tune

15 August, 2019
Misra 9, 1735

Matthew 10:16-23

Mark 13:9-13

Hebrews 12:3-14

1 Peter 4:12-19

Acts 7:44-8:1

One event

Luke 11:53-12:12

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